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MSB Westcoast Construction is a Lower Mainland based constructions and renovation company with over 20 years of experience that provides construction services to both residential and commercial spaces throughout British Columbia. Specializing in both exterior and interior work we pride ourselves on our use of quality materials, attention to detail, and our ability to deliver projects on time.

Our Services


Health and Safety

Construction sites are dynamic, where workers engage in many activities that may expose them to a variety of safety hazards. Through implementation of safe work practices, training, and compliance with federal, provincial, and local regulatory requirements, our Workplace Safety program aims to identify, control, or eliminate construction-related hazards.
Insured and Guaranteed

All work is completed with the highest level of integrity and meets today's building codes and guidelines.
When you choose to work with us, you rest assured knowing that we are a fully insures company committed to providing the highest quality services. If for any reason, you're not fully satisfied, we'll guarantee the work meets your standards. 

We like to let our work speak for us. 


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